Philosophy Skin Care

Philosophy Skin Care

If you were given the task to think of a good name for a skin care company, the word philosophy probably wouldn't rank high on your list.

After all, when one thinks of philosophy, they think of long dead philosophers such as Aristotle and Nietze, Not smooth and healthy looking skin.

But when you think about it, Philosophy is a great name for a skin care company. After all, all companies need to have a mission statement, which is in fact a "philosophy". What makes Philosophy a different kind of skin care company is that they believe great skin doesn't need to have makeup smeared on it.

No, they don't have anything against makeup; they bill their products as being compatible with or without make up.But why does moist, smooth skin have to go hand in hand with artificial makeup? Sure, sometimes it's fun to doll yourself up with a little lipstick and rouge, but shouldn't great looking skin be independent of whether or not you wear makeup? Philosophy believes that great looking skin should be independent of makeup.

Philosophy offers all of the products that you would expect a skin care company to offer. You can find anti- aging eye cream, moisturizers, acne treatment, and s special blend of makeup that will take great care to protect your skin.

When you use Philosophy skin care products, you are going to love the way your skin smells, feels, and looks. The dark circles under your eyes will disappear, your dry skin will become moist, and your rough skin will become smooth.There are many skin care companies out there, but only one that believes healthy skin should be makeup optional.

That is the philosophy of the Philosophy skin care line. It is an interesting philosophy, and since there are many occasions where makeup is not practical, it's a good one.

Philosophy Shower Gel
Numerous wonderful and delicious shower gel scents offered by Philosophy. Their gels are great for sensitive skin and are all 3 in 1 gels shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath. A great way to start or end your day.

Philosophy Hope In A Jar
When Oprah suggest a product you know it means business. Philosophy's Hope In A jar has been known to heal and moisturize the driest of dry skin. It was originally made for medicinal purposes and later brought out to the public. If you haven't tried it, you are possibly missing out on how wonderful your skin can look and feel.

Philosophy On A Clear Day
Adult acne is surfacing more and more. An imbalance of hormones is leading to unexpected breakouts in our late 20's and 30's. This skin care line is giving women hope! Philosophy On A Clear day has both anti aging properties as well as skin clearing ones as well. The best part about this acne skin care line? It is fantastic for those of us with sensitive skin.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple
I love multi tasking and so does this cleanser. It is a toner, makeup remover, and cleanser all in one. It is wonderful for sensitive skin and those suffering from monthly breakouts.

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel
An outstanding product from Philosophy. There is not a bad review about this microdelivery peel. Infact, most said that it cleared their black heads and that their skin was radient after using it. Definitely worth giving it a try!

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